The Best Face Paint Brands


What are the best brands of face paint today? If we are guided by the quality of their products, by their commitment to safety and health, by the variety of their catalogs or by their good value for money, these are some of the most recommended firms in the face painting sector :

  • Snazaroo face paint
  • Eulenspiegel Face Paint
  • Carnival Toys face paint

Fluorescent Face Paint

Did you know that there is a variety of makeup that uses special ingredients to achieve fluorescent pigmentation? It is an increasingly common product at parties and celebrations with costumes and bodypainting events. If this fluorescent face paint with a neon effect that glows under black light catches your eye.

Glitter Face Paint

Buying glitter face paint is another way to get a bright, eye-catching effect on your makeup. The most common are gold and silver tones, but we can find glitter face paint in many other colors, so that we can combine them in the way we like the most.

Black Face Paint

Among the colors that are always usually present in all makeups, due to their versatility, are black and white and that is why we have decided that these two colors deserve a separate section.

We are going to start with the darkest, with black face paint, a paint that frames any makeup and that makes the rest of the colors stand out on the skin and face of anyone who uses it.

We are going to leave you with a sample of black face paint in various versions and formats.

Buy Face Paint for Kids White

This time we are going to give way to a sample of white cream makeup with which to give the face and skin an intense white with which to highlight those parts of the makeup to which we want to give importance.

Using white to paint the face also accentuates and lightens other colors, being able to make lightening and gradients with it without the need to have hundreds of other colors.

Kids Face Paint

The little ones in the house will be the ones who most enjoy the idea of painting their faces with multiple colors, either in abstract designs or imitating a specific character. That is why many manufacturers offer products specifically listed as children’s face paint .

Of course, if we are going to buy face paint for children , we must bear in mind that their skin is more sensitive than that of adults, so the products we buy must be especially careful in that regard, making sure that it is face painting. non-toxic and hypoallergenic.

Clown Face Paint

We all know that one of the most recurrent outfits at children’s and costume parties is the clown. And to get the closest possible resemblance to this endearing circus figure, you have to have the appropriate makeup. And that’s where clown face painting comes in .

Halloween Face Painting

In addition to the Carnivals, the other quintessential costume party is Halloween, although here the costumes take on a more sinister and terrifying touch. That is why we can also buy face paint for Halloween , with the colors that are most used in the characterizations of the most common characters of this celebration, such as vampires, ghosts, witches, zombies and other monsters of traditional folklore.

How to Make Paint to Paint Home Human Skin

Although it is clear that if you have come this far you are already clear that it is easy to know where to buy face painting makeup , it may be that they prefer to create things themselves instead of buying them, you may be wondering how to prepare homemade face paint with everyday items that we all have in our house…

How to Remove Paint from Face Paint

After the fantasy and fun of the costumes, it’s back to reality and the always annoying process of removing makeup. That leads us to ask ourselves the following question: how to remove face paint ?

In most cases, we can follow the same procedure that millions of women around the world do when they remove their daily makeup, that is, using makeup remover cream and some wipes. If you are trying to remove face paint for children , as this is usually water-based paint, it can be removed very easily with a little warm water and soap. Of course, you should never scrub and rub too much, as we could cause irritation to the child’s skin.

Once the makeup has been removed, it is advisable to apply a little light moisturizer on the skin, to replenish the hydration levels.

The Best Face Paint Brands
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