Pumpkins face paint for Halloween

From simple drawings, such as orange with black stripes, to more complex drawings, you will immediately look frightening. You do not need expensive makeup or professional skills to achieve an amazing image – all you need is a little creativity and inspiration.

If you want something fast and light or something more complicated, we have pumpkin makeup for every skill level. Halloween makeup is always cheap, simple and can save even the saddest excuse for the costume.

Creating pumpkins face paint makeup is really so easy. Start with an orange base, then draw black triangles around the eyes and nose. Then add several vertical lines of darker orange or black to create edges and a curved pumpkin shape. To complete the image with the classic toothy smirk of a pumpkin lantern, expand the corners of the lips in black and draw several square shapes along the mouth.

paint face

Nowadays Pumpkin faces with paint make holiday more interesting

What Halloween without broken pumpkins?! Instead of drawing typical carved pumpkin shapes, add a few cracks and breaks using a makeup brush. The more cracks, the creepier. To create this whimsical pumpkin faces with paint makeup, you do not need orange face paint. However, you will need a whole black eye dip and a palette of shadows full of orange shades (warm bronzer is suitable) to scatter and soften the lines of your pumpkin features.

If you are looking for a last-minute costume and need a way to turn pumpkin face paint makeup into a full-fledged look, take inspiration from this idea of makeup with pumpkin. Use body paint to turn yourself into a whole pumpkin plot with vines and everything else.

Pumpkin face paint ideas

There are so many scary make-ups with pumpkin that you can try, they create a creepy atmosphere. Here are some Halloween facial makeup ideas for men and women that will help you dress up as a scary pumpkin:

  • Classic pumpkins face paint makeup (The best way to show the pumpkin while keeping the glamour is to draw half the face like a pumpkin and leave half the face as it is. This is the classic idea of ​ ​ a terrible pumpkin makeup that you should try. You can add illusions to make it look like a crack, or you can leave everything as it is).
  • The idea of makeup with a shiny pumpkin (Paint your face and create a pumpkin pattern. Add sparkles to finish the image. It will look creepy and attract attention).
  • Makeup half a person, half a pumpkin (Create a pumpkin pattern on half your face and apply makeup to the other half. This will create the illusion of a half-man pumpkin. This image will require a little practice).
  • Makeup from a wounded pumpkin (You want to scare your friends with face paint? Add some blood and wounds around some part of your face and draw a pumpkin pattern on the rest of your face. It will look like your skin is coming off, and it will scare some people).
  • Realistic pumpkins with painted faces makeup ideas (Paint the whole face orange and create a pumpkin pattern. You can make it creepy by adding grass and dirt to your face. This Halloween makeup idea requires a little practice, but it’s achievable).
  • Pumpkin makeup of the whole face (This is a traditional makeup image that requires your creativity. Paint the entire face orange and add the parts black).
  • Pumpkin eye and mouth makeup (Make your eyes and mouth black and you’ll have a creepy look of Jack the Lantern that you can rock this Halloween).
  • Illusive makeup with pumpkin (This makeup gives the impression that your skin is lingering. Here all the skin looks like pumpkin, but some parts look like human. This is a funny look to create, and you can add a little extra to it by adding sparkles or artificial blood).

There are a lot of scary pumpkin makeup to try. You can do something extra, for example, create an illusion or make a simple appearance of the whole pumpkin.

Image of pumpkin face paint

To create a pumpkin makeup image, you will need:

  1. Black liquid eye vent
  2. Orange face paint
  3. Black face paint
  4. Green face paint (optional)
  5. Black, green and orange glitter (optional)

Combine autumn makeup with several leaflets, one or two vines and small orange details.

A few pumpkin coloring drawings for your face so you can follow their instructions and create your own pumpkin design.

  1. Pumpkin cheek face paint design
  2. Using a medium-sized brush, draw a circle on the pumpkin cheek with orange face paint. Use a small brush and brown face paint to make the stem.
  3. Use a small brush and light green face paint and draw the leaves around the stem. Again, using a small brush and black face paint, add stripes to the pumpkin and draw the leaves and the outside of the pumpkin.
  4. Highlight the stripes on the pumpkin with white face paint. Add opal gloss for the effect.
  5. Cute coloring design for the face of pumpkins and cats (From what are all the girls crazy? Of course, cats! So in the Halloween picture, we can also connect a pumpkin face paint, a bat and a charming cat in a hat. We decorate everything with glitter and rhinestones).
  6. The first step is to use white face paint and a round brush to draw a drawing. Lines can be thinner, as this is a sketch. The main thing is that at this stage, correctly select the size, first start painting the pumpkin, then draw the cat and last draw the web, rounding its tails. The top of the hat is inclined to the eyebrows, so the drawing looks more harmonious.
  7. Then, using a round brush, cover the cat’s sketch with a thick layer of black. Use Chameleon-Baseline Strong Black paint. Leave the strips on the hat, legs and eyes empty so that light shades look brighter.
  8. The third step is to create triangular eyes and a pumpkin nose, as well as a mouth with one tooth. If you want a more frightening picture, you can make a pumpkin with a formidable facial expression. On the hat, paint empty strips in yellow neon, under UV the hat and cat eyes will shine.
  9. Draw a white web, wide lower stripes. Add a darker shadow for a brighter appearance. On pumpkins and paws, add white highlights to create realism.
  10. So, we came to the most interesting, at the last stage we will make our image brighter, add a little glitter Gel-Lucky Star, colors spill over into the light! Use Mini Stencils-Gradient – (BAM 1206) for the forehead, above the eye and under the pumpkins to give the drawing a harmonious shape under the face oval. You can draw this image on both girls and boys, changing only the expression of the cat and pumpkin faces with paint, giving the right mood.
  11. Pumpkin Princess Face Coloring Design (Every Halloween pumpkin usually takes center stage. But not everything should be frightening. Like the design of the pumpkin princess, it can be cute and elegant).

Pumpkin faces with paint – entertainment for the whole family

So, you and your family went to the best pumpkin plot and chose the perfect pumpkin. After carefully searching for the pumpkin of your favorite shape, size and color this season, you are finally ready to carve or decorate the perfect pumpkin lantern for Halloween night. After all, there’s nothing better than seeing everyone’s creative potential on the creepiest night of the year.

Simple ideas of pumpkin muzzles:

  • Pumpkin faces with paint mask (To make this pumpkin face, simply draw a “face mask” on a real or artificial pumpkin, leaving places for the nose and mouth. Let him dry completely. Then pull the decorative shower hat on the “head” of the pumpkin and pin it with straight pins. To make cucumber eyes, it is enough to print images of cucumbers from the picture online and stick).
  • Pumpkin faces (Buy a pumpkin from a local grocery store and simply draw any person you want with acrylic paint).
  • Pumpkin in the style of the 90s (For this simple ghost crafts that send you back to the 90s, you will need colored adhesive vinyl and aerosol or acrylic paint).
  • Pumpkin faces with open mouth (These “screaming” pumpkins can also be used as props for an impromptu game of corn pit. To make them, cut out large holes in the bottom of two pumpkins and remove the flesh and seeds. Download and circle this face template onto pumpkins, then cut out the faces. Stack the pumpkins and use the studs to hold the top of the pumpkin in place).
  • Pumpkin muzzle Black cat (To create this easy carefree black cat, draw him a muzzle of pieces of tape. Then use aerosol paint to paint the rest of the pumpkin black and remove the tape).
  • Pumpkin zombie face (A mix of creepy and sweet, the walking dead come to life in your house. To make the teeth, peel the pumpkin seeds and press them into the pumpkin flesh around the mouth. To make the eyes, use a melon balloon to make small balloons out of pieces of pumpkin; hold them in place with a toothpick).

Pumpkins with painted faces for Halloween are the same as coniferous trees for Christmas, and one of the best ways to feel the whole Halloween atmosphere is to have some ornate pumpkins lying around and there are lots of pumpkin drawing ideas you can try. Of course, many people think that cutting a pumpkin is more consistent with Halloween traditions, but the truth is that it is easier to work with flowers and brushes than to cut a pumpkin with a sharp knife.

Thus, painting your pumpkin is the best way to make very attractive jewelry without wasting too much time, and the most pleasant thing is that the paint holds longer than the carved pumpkin.

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