Best Face Paints

Best Face Paints

Carnivals, Halloween, the end-of-year performance at school, a birthday party … There will be few times a year that children (and not so young) will want to paint their faces to have fun representing their characters from fantasy favorites. This is why buying face paint has become a fairly common practice for millions of parents around the world.

The face painting can come in several different formats (wax, Palette, cream, powder, etc.) and there are a variety of colors to choose from , so we thought a buying guide face painting could be very useful for those parents who are going to acquire this type of makeup for the first time for their children.

Guide to Buying Face Paint

In this section, we will try to help you decide which face paint to buy or which is the best face paint for children with which to surprise your children. And for this, the most advisable thing is to know all the important aspects in which we must look before acquiring this type of product, because, as we have already said, it can be presented in different formats. Shall we start?

  • Health and safety : this is a fundamental aspect, especially if we are going to buy face paint for children , since they have the most sensitive skin. We must ensure that, in addition to being hypoallergenic, the chosen face paint has the European Union seal of approval certifying that it is a safe product for health.
  • Easy to remove : to avoid the annoying and even painful process of having to rub and rub to be able to remove the paint from our skin, it is best to inform yourself, reading the characteristics of each product, if it is easy to remove face paint and what is needed for this (water, makeup remover wipes, etc.).
  • Format : as we said at the beginning of the guide, we can find different types of face painting according to its format. Crayons or waxes for face painting and water-based face painting are the most common, but we also have powder face paint and cream face paint at our fingertips . Choose the one that is most suitable for you, taking into account characteristics such as its simple application or the ease with which it can be removed later.
  • Variety of colors : depending on the style you want to capture with the makeup or the costume in question, you will need some colors or others. At this point, you have several options, such as buying a face paint palette with various colors, purchasing the colors you need individually, or even taking advantage of some of the kits that they sell specifically for some specific costumes ( clown face paint or paint vampire facial , to name just a couple of examples).
  • Quantity : Make sure you purchase enough face paint to cover all of your makeup work. It is not the same to paint the face of only our son than to do it to all the nephews. Likewise, if in addition to the face you are also going to make up other areas of the body, you will need a greater amount or even resort to bodypainting paint .
  • Need for utensils : what are we going to need to paint and to remove makeup? Brushes, sponges or wipes are some of the elements that we may need. Some batches of face paint include them as standard, so it is advisable to read the characteristics of each product carefully.
  • Brand : some manufacturers offer that “plus” of quality, safety and trust that parents look for when we buy something for our children. So, to avoid irritation problems, allergies and others, it is best to always bet on the most reputable brands in the sector. Later, you have at your disposal a section dedicated to the best brands of face paint .
  • Price : in a similar tone to the previous point, we recommend that you do not skimp too much on the price, as buying cheap face paint could be synonymous with worse quality. Nor is it necessary to invest a fortune in professional makeup like the one used in the world of cinema, but you do need to try to reach a good compromise between price and quality.

The Best Face Paints of 2021

One of the best ways to guide ourselves when buying a certain type of product is to look at the items purchased by other users, since if a product sells a lot, it will offer a higher quality than the others. For this reason, we have gone to Amazon, the online store with the highest sales volume, and we have looked for the most popular face paints among its customers.

The selected products have good quality, attractive prices and a wide variety of colors. They are, in short, some of the best face paint sets on the market:

• 16 Color Face Paint Set – Buluri
• Unisex Face Paint Palette – Snazaroo
• 12 Color Face Paint – InnooBaby

Best Face Paints
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