Kids face paint

Aqua grim – a popular addition to the modern children’s holiday. Now the most popular is aqua grim based on popular cartoons and games. Among the girls, for example, the most popular motifs are the heroines of cartoons and games, ponies, Ice Heart, various princesses.

Why children like aqua grim? Usually children are delighted with the idea of ordering an aqua grim for a holiday. The explanation is simple, because it is face art:

  • it is unusual and bright;
  • interesting not only the result, but also the process of drawing kids face paint;
  • this is a great opportunity to transform into any character, and children always like it.

If you invite a master, he has everything: various paints and glitters, a set of brushes. The leaders of the event only need to give it a place with good lighting, two chairs (for him and the child), a table (stool) for materials, clean water and wipes (dry and wet). And do not forget about the mirrors so that the kids consider themselves from all sides.


Holiday kids face painter

Children like to decorate their faces just for entertainment or plan their next Halloween costume, and adults are always happy to take part in Halloween competitions. If your do not have a special kids face paint at home, we strongly recommend the acquisition of one of the professional brands, but available kits for face painting. Do not buy those that are sold in large box stores and Halloween stores, as they are of very low quality and will not give you the results that you expect.

You can also hire a professional kids face painter if you want to get an attractive look, plan a party or event, and you want someone else to answer for the facial cleavage.

Some ideas of kids face painting:

  1. Tiger is probably the most popular facial coloring idea for boys and girls, and it can be implemented in different ways. The possibilities are limitless and you can have fun playing with these ideas coloring the face of a tiger.
  2. Butterflies are very popular in the world of face painting.
  3. A more recent trend in the world of face painting is unicorns. Unicorns have become a very popular design for painting your face over the past few years, and children love them for how colorful and funny they are. You can add some glitter and play with stencils to make them look even more fun.
  4. Skulls are in great demand during Halloween. Adults, boys and girls like to paint their faces in the form of a skull on Day of the Dead.
  5. Children like to become their favorite superheroes, and Spider-Man is by far the most popular superhero in terms of painting faces.
  6. Although clowns have become scary characters for some children (and even adults), they are still very popular.
  7. Mermaids are one of the most popular fantasy characters in the face painting world. Who doesn’t like being a mermaid? Mermaids are fun because you play, making them look unusual, using stencils, jewelry and glitter! There are hundreds of available ideas for coloring the face of a mermaid.
  8. Dragons are one of the funniest ideas for painting faces with which you can play, since they can be performed in different and creative ways. You can turn all your face into a dragon or draw a dragon on your forehead or cheek, draw a dragon’s mouth over your child’s mouth so your dragon can move.
  9. Cats have always been a popular design for painting faces.
  10. As popular as cats are puppies. Boys and girls like to become puppies and bark everywhere.
  11. Turning into a superhero for a day is fun and exciting! Many children have superhero costumes at home, but there is nothing better than they are painted as one. Kids friendly face paint feel like really beloved characters and can play for hours.

Kid friendly face paint

Fortunately, you don’t need much to paint your face, just a palette for drawing, several brushes, sponges and water! That’s all. You can always use a white makeup-based cream or a white pressed powder, depending on what image you are trying to get. If you want to draw details on top of the base color, we suggest you use a water-activated base or pressed powder.

Professional kids face painters use paints of a special level for the face. These are beauty products from well-established brands that provide excellent look, safety and quality.

Face paint is not only for artists. With quality facial paints, a few brushes and sponges, you can also create facial paints to surprise, inspire and entertain. There is nothing easier for beginners in face drawing than stencils for drawing. Just apply paint to the sponge and apply a smear.

If your child needs more princess makeup or drawings such as mermaids or crowns, then the set of Fantasy face stencils from Snazaroo will be as simple.

Kid face paint game entertainment for every event

It is unlikely that the holiday or event takes place without someone who offers aqua grim, it is simple and fun, and can also be an entertaining kid face paint game in itself. Learning to handle paint can be easy and fun if you know how to do it. This is a great way to have fun with children, especially on birthdays and special occasions.

Start with a palette that has black, white, and primary colors – red, blue, and yellow. With these colors you can mix any color you need, and this will give you a great practice if you have just started learning to paint face. Then, when you start painting quite often, you will begin to notice that some colors you will need more than others. And you can buy these specific colors in addition to black, white, red, blue and yellow. For example, you might find that green is a popular color, so instead of constantly mixing blue and yellow together to get green, you can buy a palette of green paint.

Glitter can add a whole new dimension to your face coloring! He can also turn your drawings on your face from an amateur to a professional! They combine especially well with drawings of princesses and fantasy, and children love them! As with kid friendly face paint, you should remember that use only sparkles and stick only those jewels that can be safely applied to a person’s skin. DO NOT use aluminum sparkles – polyester only. Aluminum gloss can damage the eyes and skin. There are various types of glitter – shiny gel, shiny (rainbow) powder and shiny dust.

Combining cosmetic makeup with kids face paint is a great idea if everything is done correctly and it can save your time! For example, with the help of blush, you can draw with a help of blush rabbit cheeks instead of pink face paint. Blush create a softer color and are quickly applied. The eye pencil can be used to stroke the eyes or any part of the pattern. For beginners, this is much faster and easier than using a brush. You can also use shadows for eyelids and possibly mix them with paint on your face.

Variety ways of kid friendly face paint

Children like the idea of ​ ​face painting, it entices them into the kid face paint game, and makes them feel like they are wearing costumes, and really allows to have fun with the character they painted, be it a princess or a vampire!

  1. The idea of ​ ​face paint with a rainbow skull (The skeleton is always a popular idea for painting the face, but the rainbow skull is even more impressive! This skeleton face coloring pattern can be adapted to the child’s color preferences. Thus, even if this particular skeleton is bright and colorful, you can swap colors and make it black and white, blue and green or any other color of your choice).
  2. Butterfly face paint idea (Butterflies are one of the fastest and easiest face coloring options you can make).
  3. The idea of ​ ​drawing zombie comics.
  4. If you want to take a different look at zombies, try drawing a funny zombie face. Use bright colors to achieve this design, and kids will be delighted.
  5. The idea of ​​painting the lion`s face (If your children like the Lion King, they will like painting the lion’s face. Using just a few facial paints of different colors (yellow, brown, white and pink), you can create this charming design).
  6. Santa Claus Face Coloring Idea (Great idea for all kids who really love Santa. It’s a really fun thing to do with your kids, especially during the holidays, plus it’s a simple design that you can recreate using just a few different facial colors).

Paint yourself a tiger, a frog, or just feel the glamour of flower-colored cheeks and decorative eyebrows. Pick your outfit to face-art and become a real party decoration. These attractive images will definitely add spirit to your game day or big celebration.

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